The Sheriff's Tax Collector

The Sheriff\'s Tax Collector
One of the most hated men in the Shire .. Nottinghamshire that is! This is the man who would come to your village or hovel and demand a substantial share of your income to help fill up the coffers of “The Sheriff” and his liege lord, the dastardly Prince John. Here he sits at his table making a note of everyone’s contribution in either gold, silver or produce. On these unwelcome visits he was usually accompanied by several of the Sheriff’s own Men-At-Arms ... After all there are plenty of ruffians and cut-throats hiding out in the forest and you can’t be too careful!
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The High Sheriff of Nottingham

The High Sheriff of Nottingham
One of Robin Hood’s most implacable foes and a dangerous man to have as an enemy! In movies he has been best portrayed by the late Alan Rickman in “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” and also Aussie actor, Peter Finch in “The Story of Robin Hood & His Merrie Men”. And now, here’s our interpretation ... suave, sophisticated and ... decidedly dangerous!
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