The Shop House
Typical structure so redolent of North Africa and the Middle East as a whole.
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Varenummer SP032 - King and Country
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AK Hot & Thirsty

AK Hot & Thirsty
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Palme Træ (21 cm. høj) Figurer og køretøj ikke inkl.

Palme Træ (21 cm. høj) Figurer og køretøj  ikke inkl.
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Gateway/Guard Tower

Gateway/Guard Tower
These tower/gateways could be found all over the Roman Empire... even today examples can still be seen - mostly in and around the Middle East. Our model can be used in all kinds of historical periods with all kinds of soldiers. Moving gates, a ladder and signal beacon are included.
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Jetty - Harbour part

Jetty - Harbour part
This handy structure is the perfect setting for our latest "Sampans" to moor alongside... at the same time it can also be used singly or in multiples to make a dockside scene for any of the naval vessels we are currently working on and about to release. Item is constructed in mixed media of polystone and expanded polyurethane
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